Building Leakage Testing.
Blower Door Testing.

Blower door testing is the starting point for a more energy efficient building. BLT (building leakage testing) specialises in finding air leakage in buildings.

Performing a blower door test combined with thermal imaging is the best way to insure building integrity.  Build tight ventilate right, for a healthier more energy efficient home.

Sealing your home against air leakage is one of the simplest upgrades you can undertake to increase your comfort while reducing your energy bills and carbon emissions by up to 25%.

Lets make your house warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer and SAVE $$$ on your energy bills.


Blower Door Testing

Blower door or tightness testing involves connecting a specialised high powered fan to an entrance door, creating a pressure or vacuum to uncover leakage points. Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect infiltration areas.
Images, together with a detailed report identifying areas with leakage and potential heat loss are supplied after consultation.


The Procedure

Click on the video to see blower door testing in action.

For more information

 Click link to CSIRO conducted test results regarding building tightness tests in Australia.


Not only finding Leakage but stopping the leakage! Installing quality polyester under floor and ceiling insulation combined with long lasting door seals.

Underfloor insulation

Quality polyester under floor and ceiling insulation,

Under floor insulation is another area to save money and create comfort.
✓Keeps the floor warmer and stops your feet feeling cold
✓Stop draughts coming up from under the floor
✓Reduce sound coming up through the floor
✓Shrink your energy bills as your home will use less energy to stay at a comfortable temperature.


Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is used to find draughts, insulation degradation, water leaks and even animals as this image shows a possum in the roof cavity. ( yes we persuaded the marsupial out before the entry point was sealed).



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